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Roy Timm

Carole Bozzato Timm
photographer, photostylist

Professional photographer Roy Timm has been shooting commercial and editorial assignments in Niagara, Hamilton and Toronto regions since 1979. Roy has photographed works of art, T.V. celebrities, actors, corporate giants, culinary creations, mansions and musicians. "I'm intrigued by creating the visual that illustrates the idea and am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with extremely genuine and talented people." Travel photography is of significant interest, as well as volunteering photographic services for major medical centres in the area. Keeping current with changes in technology has been the most transformative for Roy. "Shooting digital has allowed growth for me creatively in a competitive business." Graduate of Fanshaw College Photography Program.

Written by Carole for Roy
1996 Honours B.A. Fine Art, with Distinction, McMaster University, Hamilton
1994 B.A. Visual Arts, with Distinction, Brock University, St. Catharines
1988 Certificate, Western Region Orientation to College Teaching, Niagara College, Welland
1986 Fundamentals of Fine Art, Sheridan College, Oakville
1981 Diploma, Visual Merchandising, Niagara College, Welland
1979 O.S.S.G.D., E.L. Crossley Secondary School, Fonthill
presently Photographer & photostylist, travels with Holga Camera
2000 & 2001 Part time faculty (Visual Art Department), Brock University
1990-2001 exhibited photography and photo-based imagery
1987-1988 Full time faculty (Visual Merchandising, Photography, Journalism), Niagara College